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A business made of solar energy & people

Be energy independent and imagine generating electricity from the sun, water or wind for your home, business or city.

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Professional approach, quality, reliability, expertise and experience

Our motivation is to build a stable company with which we will supply our clients with complex constructions of renewable electricity sources, which will always reflect the latest trends and technologies on the market. LAMA solar technologies builds on more than a decade of experience gained by its team in participating in major energy projects in the commercial and public sectors. We solve the construction of renewable sources from the initial feasibility study, then we design and then we implement the construction for the client and then we provide service.


Solutions for companies


Photovoltaic system supplemented by a battery system tailored to your company’s energy needs.


Photovoltaic power plant with a battery tailored to the energy needs of your city or village with the possibility of adding LED public lighting in places without electricity.

Individual design

If you have an industrial area, reclamation or other areas and you are considering purchasing your own electricity generation with battery storage for the purpose of selling a commodity with connection to low or high voltage systems, or you are considering offering that space.

Lama Solar

Company strategy

  • BudoucnostBudoucnost
    Naším úkolem je vždy zjistit co chcete. dříve než to začnete chtít.
  • empatieEmpatie & Energie
    Intuitivně se s Vámi spojíme a vyřešíme Vaše energetické potřeby.
  • integraceIntegrace
    Dodávky energetických řešení v oblasti fotovoltaiky s důrazem na propojení technologií s softwaru.
  • trendyJinak
    Nesledujeme trh a říkáme si, že to uděláme lépe. Sledujeme trendy a uděláme to jinak.
  • zájemMéně, ale lépe
    Nabízíme řešení klientům, kteří mají skutečně seriózní zájem o naše služby.
  • ohniskoOhnisko zájmu
    Abychom dodali skutečně optimální řešení, eliminujeme všechny nedůležité možnosti.


Vision, study, design, construction, operation and management of the system, electricity generation

The construction of a decentralized electricity source – a photovoltaic system with storage has its rules. First you have to have an idea of what you want to invest in, then how you will implement it and finally how to take care of it so that it serves you and generates electricity for as long as possible.


What our clients say about us


Liberty Ostrava a.s. is an integrated metallurgical plant with an annual production capacity of 3.6 million tons of steel.


Grafico has been one of the most important polygraphic companies in the czech republic for several years.


Tiskárna FINIDR, s.r.o. is one of the largest producers of hardcover and hardcover books in Central Europe.


Innogy is one of the largest energy companies in Europe. In terms of market value, innogy is the largest energy group in Germany and also operates in the Czech Republic.


We design, manufacture and sell metal and plastic moldings, including relevant tools. We provide advice in the field.


IKEA is a global home furnishing brand that brings affordable products, design and comfort to people around the world.


The joint-stock company ČEPRO mainly provides transportation, storage and sale of petroleum products.


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We believe that each idea and opportunity may have a big value if you approach them well. And this is what we strive for in our business every day. The main areas of our business activities are energy industry, heating industry, crude oil and natural gas, and telecommunication. We have created more than 700 job positions. Our main business activities are focused on Central Europe and North America.

Lama Energy Group

A Czech corporate holding company engaged in energy supply, oil and gas extraction, heating, and the provision of digital television, mobile call and data connection services.

Lama Energy

Traditional Czech supplier of cheap gas and electricity for households, businesses and wholesale customers, which has the advantage of its own gas production in South Moravia.

Lama solar

Experienced Czech company that focuses on the construction of renewable energy sources for households, companies and wholesale customers.

Lama lighting

The company focuses on the supply and installation of energy saving lighting. “Turnkey” construction of new intelligent lighting systems.

Lama service

It provides comprehensive energy services, operation and maintenance of electricity and heat sources, reconstruction and construction of new sources.

Lama home

Our youngest division LAMA home will help you with professional projection and implementation of the best possible combination of technologies available on the market.

Lama investments

The company’s main focus is geological exploration and consulting services in Mongolia.


A leading satellite and internet TV operator with a range of exclusive sports programming with over a decade of history, also providing internet connectivity services.


Purely Czech supplier of natural gas and electricity for household and business customers.


Founded in 2008, Manlomka focuses on manufacturing, handicrafts and assembly work and is also a provider of replacement fulfillment.